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Feature Request: return a non-zero exit code if LoadLibraryW fails and\or if no tests were run


Thank you for WinUnit 1.2.0909.1.
I would like to request that WinUnit.exe return a non-zero exit code if LoadLibraryW fails andor\ no tests were run to indicate an error\failure.
For example, if I create a dll with an invalid manifest file and pass it to WinUnit.exe, i get the following output:
WinUnit.exe -n MyCppTests.dll
Processing [MyCppTests.dll]...
[WinUnit] WinUnitLib::TestModule::GetModule: LoadLibraryW failed on C:\MyCppTests\MyCppTests.dll.
[MyCppTests.dll] No tests were run.
No tests were found.
However, WinUnit.exe exits with a 0 return code, which is not expected. I expected it to be non-zero to indicate an error\failure.
Thank you.


sequarell wrote Oct 7, 2013 at 9:51 AM

Would be really nice. The current behavior can cause false positives in automated testing.