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WinUnit Command-Line Arguments

Parameter Description
-q Do not output to console.
-n No interactive UI (error dialogs are turned off as much as possible). Recommended for automated builds.
-b Output to debugger (by default, output goes only to console).
-p string Only run tests starting with the prefix string (it's case-insensitive).
-x Ignore the requirement for the TEST_ prefix of exports--process all exports regardless of name. (This only works in conjunction with the -s option, to avoid the danger of running functions with the wrong function prototype.)
-s Show test names only. Default is to run them.
-o filename Put the output in the given file. This is unrelated to the -q and -b options—output can go to any or all of the console, a file, or the debugger.
-v number Run at the given verbosity. 1 is the default. 0 will show you only failing tests and total results.
-l customLoggerString The custom logger string is the name of a DLL in which you've implemented a custom logger, followed optionally by a colon and an initialization string to be passed to the logger's Initialize function.
--variable value This option will set environment variable variable to value value for the lifetime of the WinUnit process. This can be used for passing data to tests via the command line.
-e ( exactTestName* ) (Note: This option is included for completeness but is intended only for automation purposes. Use –p for regular use.) Run only tests specified by their full names (case-sensitively), space-delimited, and enclosed in parentheses.

WinUnit Exit Codes

Code Description
0 No errors (any tests that were run succeeded).
1 One or more tests failed.
2 An unhandled exception caused premature termination.
-1 Usage error.

See WinUnit.chm in the Documentation directory of the download for more information.

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